Child Labor
Activity 2
  1. Why was it so difficult to get laws passed to ban child labor?

    1. Schools had little room for more children.
    2. Laws would require factories to pay for health care for children.
    3. Parents protested at mass demonstrations about the loss of wages.
    4. Owners of factories said that the laws would interfere with their rights
  2. Why have abusive child labor practices become a problem in other countries of the world?

    1. Other countries do not care about children as much as we do.
    2. Children have more time to work for a living in other countries
    3. Schools are part of the factories in other countries.
    4. Children in some countries are part of a cheap labor force.
  3. Explain two ways the pictures show child labor abuses.



  5. How is life of a child today better than a child who worked in the mines and factories in the 1800’s? Explain your answer with examples.