Child Labor
Activity 2, Strategy 1 Scoring Guide: Check for Understanding
  1. The Industrial Revolution created a need for cheap labor; unskilled labor did not require a formal education; wages were low and families needed additional income
  2. Many people were unaware of the terrible conditions of child labor; pictures often have more of an impact on the public then the printed word; seeing children working in these conditions instead of having a normal childhood created sympathy for these children and outrage for what employers were doing to them in order to save money.
  3. Supported responses should include a discussion of the issue of ”personal freedom”; and, whether children and parents were able to exercise this right without some help from the government
  4. The same conditions now exist in these countries that existed in Great Britain and the United States: poor working conditions, little or no chance of a formal education, families in need of additional income to survive; many factory jobs have shifted to third world countries because of an abundant supply of cheap labor; child labor is traditional in many countries.