Child Labor
Activity 3, Strategy 2 Check for Understanding Scoring Guide
  1. They will never learn to play; they can only hear the clatter and noise of the street; they will never see a rose-bush or a dewdrop in the sun; they will never see a wild-rose thicket or hear the singing of a cricket.
  2. They are saying we have eaten up the men and women and now we are devouring the boys and girls: soon we will devour the stockholders and no one will be left but the machines.
  3. The dreams of childhood can never be recaptured; childhood cannot be wasted on providing the small pittance of an income to help support the family; parents need to consider the needs of the children first and consider the question of why they would want to steal the dreams of childhood by putting the child to work.
  4. They were intended to generate empathy for the plight of the children and to help generate support for passing laws to forbid child labor; discussions and responses should conform to this notion.