Child Labor
Activity 4, Scoring Guide: Formative Assessment
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  3. Responses might include long hours and unhealthy and dangerous working conditions.

    In terms of social conditions, responses might include neglect of education and inability to interact with other children or adults in a community or family setting.

    Responses might also consider the cost to the country in terms of a generation unprepared for family, community and/or civic responsibilities.

  4. Children of the world can best be involved by learning about child labor practices around the world and communicating information about abuses to organizations and governments who can react to them.

    They can also communicate with children who are living in countries still impacted by the abuses of child labor and informing them of what other countries have done to make needed changes.

    They can also help change attitudes about child labor by suggesting reforms that make it unnecessary for children to be such an important part of the work force in the affected countries.