Child Labor

Now that you have learned how children were treated in many of the industrialized countries of the world during the industrial revolution and how laws were passed to help make conditions better for them, you are ready to come up with some recommendations of your own to assist children in other parts of the world who are suffering under many of these same conditions.

Many people believe that the problem of child labor today cannot be solved without the help of children themselves from all over the world. It is those who how have suffered from child abuse who know its affect on children and what can be done to stop it. But, it is also children like you who have knowledge of child abuse and how it was solved in other countries who can now use this knowledge to contribute to a worldwide solution. Together you may be able to make some recommendations that the adults of the world can implement to solve the problem.

You are the research consultant to the Ambassador to the United Nations from the United States.

You have been asked to prepare a research report for the Ambassador to use at a forthcoming Conference on Child Labor Abuses Around the World. In the report you will explain why the use of child labor has changed over time in the United States. Based on your evidence make a list of five recommendations that you think could put an end to abusive child labor practices worldwide. Be prepared to support your recommendations with specific information from this module.

In your research report, be sure to include: