Cold War
Activity 2 Scoring Guide: Formative Assessment
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    1. The Cold War was the conflict between the West (the United States and its NATO allies) and the East (the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies, also called the Eastern Bloc).
    2. Because a full-scale war between the opposing sides never actually broke out, the conflict was called a cold war
  5. The conflict involved an arms race, tense crises, some wars confined to restricted areas, economic competition, and fundamental disagreements over philosophy, where the West criticized the East as being undemocratic, totalitarian, and dictatorial, and the East criticized the West as promoting capitalism and imperialism.
  6.   What action did the Soviet Union take that alarmed the United States and Great Britain? Why did the Soviet Union take that action? Why did the Soviet Union's action alarm the United States and Great Britain?
    1. Set up pro-Soviet regimes in Eastern Europe To protect themselves from future attack Broke wartime promises and allies; Soviets dominated Eastern Europe
    2. Berlin Blockade Set up German Democratic Republic Berlin was in the Russian sector/freeze out the allies Feared a strong Germany Fear Soviet Union would take over Berlin and the rest of Germany
    3. Developed nuclear weapons U.S. had nuclear weapons Feared the Soviets might use nuclear weapons or threaten their neighbors with use of nuclear weapons