Cold War
Activity 1
  1. How was the arms race after World War II different from the arms race before World War II?

    1. It involved tanks.
    2. It involved airplanes.
    3. It involved submarines.
    4. It involved atomic weapons.
  2. How did the Cuban Missile Crisis begin?

    1. Cuba began constructing nuclear missiles.
    2. Cuba threatened the Soviet Union it would launch missiles.
    3. United States spy planes discovered Soviet missile bases being installed in Cuba.
    4. The Soviet Union was informed that the United States planed to launch missiles against Cuba.
  3. Who were the leaders of Russia and the United States when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place?

    1. Stalin and Roosevelt
    2. Stalin and Eisenhower
    3. Khrushchev and Kennedy
    4. Gorbachev and Reagan
  4. What did the United States government hope to accomplish when it became involved in the Vietnam War?

    1. To overthrow the Chinese communist government
    2. To make sure democracy would continue in South Vietnam
    3. To keep the North Vietnamese communist government from taking control of South Vietnam
    4. To make certain the people of both North and South Vietnam had democratic governments
  5. What was the central idea of the domino theory, which influenced U.S. foreign policy?

    1. If communism would spread to one country, it would spread to nearby countries.
    2. If peoples of the world would learn to play together, we could have world peace.
    3. If democracy could be spread to one country, it would spread to nearby countries.
    4. The world would remain divided between forces of darkness and those of light and truth.
  6. Analyze the photograph and then answer the question.

    "'Exercise Desert Rock.' Troops of the Battalion Combat Team, U.S. Army 11th Airborne Division, watch a plume of radio-active smoke rise after a D-Day blast at Yucca Flats, as the much prepared Exercise 'Desert Rock' reaches its peak."
    By Cpl. McCaughey, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 1, 1951 National Archives and Records Administration, Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer (111-SC-389297) [VENDOR # 121]

    List and explain three different ways American citizens in states that might experience nuclear fallout could have felt about the scene shown in the photograph..