Cold War

Now that you have learned what the "Cold War" was, how it started, how it impacted peoples' lives and how it ended, you are ready to try to tell this story to younger students.

You have just received an email form Susan Klein, an editor from Smith Publishing Company. The company has decided to publish a series of booklets for junior high students dealing with the Cold War.

Your teacher has told the company that you are a high school student who is a good researcher, thinker, and writer, who likes to communicate ideas to younger students.

As a result, the Publishing Company wants you to be the author of a booklet dealing with the subject of the cold war. In the booklet, the Publishing Company wants you to address these questions:

  1. What was the Cold War?
  2. What was one event that resulted from the Cold War?

Be prepared to present your booklet to the class.

Guidelines for Your Booklet