Getting Involved in the Community
Activity 3, Selected Topics for Community Service

To be responsible members of their communities, citizens can volunteer their services to help improve their communities. Citizens can offer their knowledge and talents to different local organizations or committees. Participation in town meetings, public hearings and community projects are important for community improvement and for finding out the problems that need to be solved.


  1. In collaborative groups, teacher leads students in brainstorming issues that concern you and are relevant to you and your community.
  2. As a group, the class selects the issue they feel strongest about and to which they can realistically contribute to the solution by developing and implementing an action plan.
  3. Use Problem-solution chart for steps 4, 5, 6, 7
  4. In small groups, students research possible solutions to the problem, and if possible, communicate with others in communities across the nation and the world, via email, who are working on solving similar problems.
  5. As homework, have students ask parents, grandparents, and community leaders for their ideas on solving the problems.
  6. Use the Internet resources provided below for help in finding a solution to your problem or concern.
  7. From the list of possible solutions, select one.
  8. As a class develop a persuasive letter to a key decision-maker --someone who has the power to help solve the problem.
  9. Have the class develop a plan of action for addressing the problem and begin implementing it.
Suggested Topics
  1. Recycling - glass, plastic, plastic six-pack holders, papers
  2. Cleaning up a vacant lot, beach area, school yard, stream, etc.
  3. Painting a mural at the school site or in the community to build community spirit
  4. Contact city hall to find little projects that need doing in the community
  5. Plant a garden, trees, vegetables, etc.