Getting Involved in the Community
Now that you have learned about the importance of civic responsibility and the ways in which citizens contribute to the common good, you are ready to make a decision involving a conflict between different social values and interests.

Often in small towns, people depend on a single factory for jobs. The money the workers make in the factory is then spent at other businesses in town. Therefore, many people are affected if the factory closes. However, factories can have a negative effect on a town. For example, air and water pollution from the waste from the factory are a constant concern.

You have just heard that the factory in your town has decided to close because the repairs to the factory to prevent pollution are going to be very costly. You are the President of the City Council and you know the harm that will be done to the community if the factory closes.

Conduct a meeting of the city council in which you plan to present your views concerning the closing of the plant. Since you know the factory owners will be attending this City Council meeting as part of the audience, you will want to explain why most people in the town would prefer keeping the factory open. Therefore, be sure your plan includes:

Present your plan to the class. (The City Council, factory owners and the rest of the audience at the City Council Meeting)