Trade Around the World

A. Follow steps below using outline maps of the world and the United States.

  1. Label England on the map. Write "graphite" beneath the label.
  2. Design a key that shows the arrows for import and export.
    (Examples: --->; ---<)
  3. Draw a trade line from England to Germany; label Germany; write pencil production beneath the label.
  4. Draw a line to show pencils being traded from Germany to England.
  5. Label Pennsylvania on the map. Draw a line to show England trading with Pennsylvania; write "German pencils" beneath the Pennsylvania label.
  6. Label Ohio on the map. Draw a line on the U.S. map to show that George Washington uses a pencil from Pennsylvania to draw maps in Ohio.
  7. Make certain arrow points are at the ends of each line to indicate the direction of trade.
B. Each time the pencil arrives or leaves a place, label it with an arrow tip to indicate "Import" or "Export."

C. Write three or four sentences to describe why the "export" and "import" of pencils occurred?