Trade Around the World
Activity 1 Scoring Guide: Formative Assessment
  1. England is labeled; graphite is written below the label.
  2. Germany is labeled. A trade line extends on the map from England (export) to Germany (import). Germany is labeled "pencil production."
  3. A line shows pencils being traded from Germany (export) to England (import);
  4. Pennsylvania is labeled on the map. A line shows England trading (export) with Pennsylvania (import); "German pencils" is written beneath the Pennsylvania label.
  5. Ohio is labeled on the map. A line on the U.S. map shows that George Washington used a pencil from Pennsylvania (export) to draw maps in Ohio (import).
  6. Each line has an export and import arrow.
  7. A key shows the symbols for export and import.
England had graphite and Germany did not. Graphite was necessary to make pencil "lead." Germany produced pencils with imported graphite. England imported pencils from Germany because pencils were important tools in English life, but were made in Germany. The English colonies in North America needed pencils, but did not manufacture them. They were imported from England.