Trade Around the World
Activity 2 Scoring Guide: Formative Assessment
1. It takes 11 types of raw materials to make pencils. The United States has a special clay. Note: Some raw materials are located only in other countries; the U.S. does have copper, but copper from other countries may cost less for the ferrule so cost of products is also important in determining its source. Therefore, if countries did not trade, then it would not be possible for the U.S. to produce traditional wooden pencils.

2. Trade is essential to produce traditional wooden pencils. Each country contributes important raw materials to make pencils. Plastic pencils, mechanical pencils, and ink pens are often used in place of wooden pencils. However, those writing products often require trade between countries to produce them.

3. International trade makes the manufacture of pencils possible. Without international trade, the availability, the cost, or the convenience of wooden pencils may change for people who use them.