Trade Around the World

Now that you have learned about how and why trade occurs, you are ready to think about how global trade affects people.

The editor of a magazine that writes articles on food was having breakfast in the dining room of a city hotel. He started to look at the labels of the food being served for breakfast. He found that the foods came from many different places. For example, marmalade was made from oranges in Spain, orange juice came from China, kiwi fruit from California, pineapple from Hawaii, toast from wheat grown in Kansas, butter from Wisconsin, milk from Illinois, sugar from Jamaica, pepper from Indonesia, salt from Michigan, potatoes from North Dakota, eggs from Indiana, coffee from Brazil, tea from India, and hot chocolate (chocolate beans) from Mexico. He could see that People in the United States and in many other countries rely on global trade to provide many of the goods that people need and want. They also use global trade to sell the products they make.

You are a freelance writer and have written many articles for other magazines about global trade. The editor calls you and asks you to write an article that connects global trade to what he is having for breakfast. He wants you to show people how food gets to the breakfast table.

Write an article for the food magazine that connects global trade to the choices that people make when they have breakfast in a hotel. In your article be sure you: