Now that you have learned about how different populations have been changed by a devastating pandemic and how societies explained its causes, you are ready to apply that knowledge.

Fears of avian influenza spreading rapidly around the world have led members of the United Nations Security Council to convene a special session to study its potential effects.

You are a member of the United States Center for Disease Control. You will address the United Nations Security Council on the threat of avian influenza to human populations.

Prepare a multi-media presentation that includes historical patterns of responses to pandemics; comparisons to past efforts to halt the spread of a disease; relevant graphs, charts, and other appropriate data; predictions concerning the potential effects of the pandemic; and suggests a plan for how the pandemic problem might best be solved.

Your presentation should reflect the most current research involving any cooperative efforts, national or international, already underway to address the problem of avian influenza.

Be sure to include in your report: