Climates and People
Activity 2 Scoring Guide: Strategy 2
What will my life be like during the year?

Ambulance Attendant Will work all year; the roads may be wet during the rainy season Will work all year: during winter there will be icy roads, snow, and cold weather
Construction Worker I can work all the year; some days it may rain too hard to work; the temperature will be warm I will work outdoors in summer, but in winter it will be bitterly cold and outside works is difficult
Airline Pilot I will have to fly and land in clouds during the rainy season. During the dry season there are few clouds and little rain

It may be cloudy each month of the year. During winter I will have to land on icy runways and fly in snowstorms and cold weather
Middle School Student My school requires a uniform; boys wear a sort sleeve shirt and shorts; the girls wear a blouse and skirt. We always carry an umbrella from June to November. It seldom rains during other months.

The boys and girls both ice skate and ski during the winter. We dress in warm clothes and boots to go to school. In summer it is warm and we wear light summer clothing. It rains in summer and snows in winter.
National Park Ranger I work outside every day watching after the animals in the park. I have zebras, elephants, lions, and wildebeest in the park. Rain keeps the vegetation nice an green. During the summer I spend most of my time outdoors. I have deer, wolves, bear, fox, and rabbits in the park. In summer it is filled with migrating birds such as Canadian geese, cranes, and swans. In winter many of the animals migrate south where it is not so cold.