Specialization and Production
Now that you have learned why individuals specialize and how this specialization affects production, you are ready to make a decision about how to best produce a product and how to choose the best individuals for each part of the job.

Recently, a disaster occurred which left many people homeless and hurt. Hospitals and shelters are crowded with families who have none of their belongings and little means of getting new ones. One hospital is full of children who were injured.

A local craft store has graciously agreed to donate all of the supplies needed to make teddy bears to send to these children. Two other local businesses have agreed to match the donation with books and clothing for these children. The more teddy bears produced, the more books and clothing the other businesses will donate. The bears must be cut from a pattern, glued around the edges, stuffed and sealed, painted with details and tied with a ribbon.

As president of the student council, you have decided to ask a committee of volunteers from your school to make teddy bears to send to these children.

Write a letter to the student body explaining the need to produce the teddy bears. Talk about how this project not only benefits the children in the hospital, but is also an opportunity for people to work together for a common good. Explain how the donations from other businesses will involve others in the process.

When you ask for volunteers you will also need to describe the process of production and the special skills needed for each part of the job.

Be sure your letter includes: