Crossing the Threshold
Activity 3
  1. Is the development of cities still important today? Do cities play as important a role today as they did in the past? Why are states trying to revive their cities? Do they still have a role to play in a complex society?
  2. Do our social classes serve the same function as those in earlier times? Is it easier to move from one social class to another? Will there always be social classes in a complex society?
  3. Is religion as big a factor in our complex society as it was in the past? Will religion continue to influence the actions of people in our society?
  4. Does our government provide a safe environment for civilization to flourish? Do governments change with the times? Is this good or bad?
  5. Is trade important to our economy? Is it still important that we have good trading partners all around the world?
  6. Is writing and communication still important to the development of our society? How has technology affected this characteristic of a complex society?
  7. Is labor as specialized as it once was? Do people choose one profession and stay with it for the rest of their lives? How has the ability for people to move about freely helped to change this characteristic?