Lessons Learned from the Three Gorges Dam
Scoring Guide for Activity 3 Formative Assessment


Government Perspective

Long-term employment for many workers Attempt to rescue cultural artifacts Will save lives, prevent flooding China will have largest Dam in world 470 foreign funded ventures
Local Residents along the Yangtze River Forced relocation of industrial and mining enterprises 800 archaeological sites destroyed Will affect lifestyles and cultural traditions Resistance to moving - Unrest likely to grow Fish will be killed in turbines
Energy Generate power to help development Trading energy independence for cultural artifacts Energy will bring moretechnology China needs more energy  
Suppliers Improved transportation Flood control will save land Flood control will save lives and products China becomes a model for developing nations  
Environmental Endanger wildlife, dolphin, Chinese sturgeon Water will cover world class cultural sites People could get sick from polluted water Project is more for prestige than a sound financial investment Sludge may cause floods eventually