The Three Gorges

Pictures: Eric Trachtenberg Copyright ©1998

The Three Gorges occupy an area along the Changjiang Long River -- otherwise known as the Yangzi River -- from Yichang to the ancient city of Baidicheng. Following upon a dream of Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of modern China, the Chinese government decided to build the enormous Three Gorges Dam with the goal of developing this impoverished area of China. Unfortunately, in the the process, the dam will displace between 1-2 million people, submerge priceless cultural treasures, and destroy some of the most beautiful scenery in China. I toured the Three Gorges in February, 1997 and this is testament to a place that will soon be gone forever. -- Eric Trachtenberg

The Three Gorges Dam Construction Site:

This is the construction site for the Three Gorges Dam -- this scene went on for over 20 miles.


Along the river:

Badong City...and one of many docks along the river. The docks serve as a kind of market for ships that pass along the river.


Zigui City, the first stop along the Changjiang. This was the home of the famous poet, Qu Yuan (332-295 BC) who drowned himself over the occupation of his home state of Chu by the Qin empire. The entire Chinese speaking world still commemorates his death with the Dragon Boat Festival every summer.


Shortly before arriving in Zigui City, Deng Xiaoping died. This is a banner mourning his death.


View of the Three Gorges


It's a long way down to the river in Fengjie


Two different ways of life in Fengjie -- a van and peasants bringing products to market.