Lessons Learned from the Three Gorges Dam

Now that you have learned about why people build dams; have studied the cultural, economic, and environmental issues involved in the distribution of water; and understand that developing nationís perspectives are not necessarily shared by other nations, you are ready to think about the advantages and disadvantages building a dam such as the Three Gorges Dam.

The World Commission on Dams, a commission created by the World Bank, has been asked to review some major dam projects from around the world. The Three Gorges Dam (TGD) on the Yangtze River is the focus of one of the case studies and will be reviewed for the social, economic and environmental costs and benefits. The commission plans to investigate the pros and cons of building the TGD.

Read the Letter of Invitation. You are requested to play the role of a member of the World Commission on Dams.

In this capacity, you must submit your findings in the following format

Keep in mind that you need to show evidence of your knowledge of the general political, social, and economic situation concerning the Three Gorges Dam as well as previous information already learned in class readings about the positive and negative impacts.