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Activity 3: Skills and Best Practices

Jurisprudential Approach to Teaching Social Studies

According to several studies, students taught using a jurisprudential approach will develop a greater interest in contemporary issues and increased skill in analyzing these issues.

This approach, according to Shaver1, may be used to involve students in an in-depth analysis of public policy issues. The approach is based on the following assumptions:

1 Shaver, J.P., Social studies. In Cawelti, G. (ed.) (1995). Handbook of research on improving student achievement. Arlington, VA: Educational Research Service, 147-48.

Decision Making in Social Studies

Decision making is a process that is taught from the early grades through high school. And yet, most students have difficulty telling you the steps in the decision-making process. This is partly because teachers are not consistent in teaching the steps in the process. This site is useful in: