Word Printable Recipes

Chocolate Shake

Put in Blender:

Turn on Blender for about 10 seconds. Pour into two large glasses.
Chocolate Soda Mix ice cream and chocolate sauce in a glass and add 7-Up.
Hot Day Cooler Mix together. Serve over ice cubes.
Marshmallow Toast

Make two pieces of toast. Butter both. Put a marshmallow in between and eat.

A Very Sticky Goody

Spread peanut butter on a graham cracker. Put a chocolate bar on the graham cracker. Put on two marshmallows. Put in the toaster over at 450 degrees or under the broiler until the marshmallows are brown.

Note: You will need help with this recipe.

Chicken Salad Mix together and keep in the refrigerator until time to eat. Eat on toast or a slice or tomato.
Popcorn Balls

In the top part of a double boiler, melt one package of large marshmallows and one stick of margarine. Pour over a large pan of popcorn. Butter your hands and shape the popcorn into balls.

Strawberry Shortcake

Put a biscuit in a bowl. Put ice cream on the biscuit. Put strawberries on the ice cream.

Kool-Aid on a Stick

Make Kool-Aid or lemonade. Pour into small paper cups. Put a stick or plastic spoon in each. Freeze and it tastes like a popcorn.

Fresh Peach Sundae

Cut up a peach in a bowl. Put ice cream under it and over it.

Note: These and other recipes can be found in You Can Make Good Things to Eat by Frances Bayles