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Student Activity 1

Essential Questions

Why do individuals choose to specialize?


In a community, people tend to choose jobs that match their own set of skills and talents. This specialization allows them to produce goods or services of use to other people, while doing a job of interest to them. In addition, they earn an income that they in turn give to others to pay for the goods and services they need, but no not produce on their own.

Instructional Strategies

Strategy 1

Conducting an Interview

Have the children respond to the following question: Accept several reasonable answers and use these responses to initiate a written response to the question. Provide time for students to work in groups to complete their responses. Display the written responses and discuss.

Extend the discussion by having the students generate a list of jobs that people do in communities. Talk about the special skills and talents that people must have to do each of the jobs.

Have each group choose one of the jobs listed to further talk about the skills and talents needed to do the job. Have them construct a chart to record their responses.

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Community Job
Skills and Talents Needed for the Job
1. a.

If time allows, have them add additional jobs to their charts. Have each group post their chart and share the discussion with the total class.

Talk about the wide variety of skills and talents needed to make a community grow and prosper. Discuss the following question:

Relate this discussion to your own community. Have each group of students interview a parent, neighbor, school employee, or mentor using the following questions as well as other questions generated by the class.

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Interview Questions
  • What is your job?
  • What skills and/or talents are needed to do your job well?
  • Why did you choose to do this job?
  • Is there any other job you think you would enjoy? Why?


Have each group report the findings from their interview.

Check for Understanding:

  • Write a summary of the interview based on responses to the questions.

Strategy 2

Connections to Literature