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Activity 3: Skills and Best Practices

Cooperative Learning

The "essential elements of cooperative learning in the classroom" are listed and defined in an Eric Digest Document. (A link to this document needs to be provided.)

Cooperative learning is used to help students share the work in researching a topic. However as this Eric Digest Document points out, this is only part of the benefits of using cooperative learning strategies. Other benefits include:

Simulations/Role Play

Larry Sorenson, a classroom teacher says:
Learning Simulations are all around us. The military uses them. Video games are simulations, with one of the most popular ones called by a shortened version of the word "simulation" itself. Teachers at all levels use them. You may remember one or two from your own school days. Why are they so popular (especially with students)? Because they work!

This site has some great ideas for skits you can try in the classroom, In addition, Mr. Sorenson provides some great tips on developing your own skits – all from a teacher's point of view:

Some Helpful Hints:

Start with the end in mind.

Have a specific educational objective. Use what works year after year, but let it grow, evolve, never stagnate. Share! --A teacher is only as good as the one he/she steals from, copyrights excluded.