Nebraska High School

  2010 Data Files

The 2010 YRBS data are available in MS Access, ASCII, SAS, and SPSS formats.

To download the files, right-click (or option-click if you are using a MAC) on the file name in the table below and save the file to your computer.



Access Data (.mdb)

Access data base; use with Access or with Epi-Info software . Note that the database cannot be opened directly from the CD because the file on the CD is read-only. You must copy the database to a disk drive or network drive and then open it from that location.

ASCII Data (.dat)

Data file in ASCII format; imports into most analysis software.

SAS Data (.sas7bdat)

Data file in SAS for Windows format.

SAS Formats (.sas7bcat)

SAS format file. Recommended for use with the SAS data file. See "How do I use the SAS format library?" for more information.

SPSS Data (.sav)

Data file in SPSS format.

The YRBS uses a two-stage cluster sample design. Statistical software used to analyze YRBS data should account for this design. Many packages with this capability are available. See “What software should I use to analyze YRBS data?” for more information.

You will need the information in the Codebook Introduction, Codebook , and the Data User's Guide to analyze the datasets.