Nebraska High School

  2010 Survey Documentation



Questionnaire (.pdf)

Your 2010 YRBS questionnaire.

Map Form (.pdf)

Provides a bridge between the question numbers on your questionnaire and the standard question numbers (provided for sites with modified questionnaires only).

Item Rationale (.pdf)

Documents the importance of the questions included on the standard YRBS questionnaire and may be used to facilitate dissemination of your findings.

Data User's Guide (.pdf)

Describes how your data were edited and how variables were calculated; also includes a sample SAS and SAS-callable SUDAAN program.

Codebook Introduction (.pdf)
Codebook (.pdf)

Documents the data files on your CD including data locations, variable names, question code and label, unweighted frequencies, and percentages for all questions and variables.

Sample Description (.pdf)

Provides a description of your sample, response rate calculations, and a summary of the weighting process.

Weighting Procedures (.pdf)

Explains the process used for weighting state and local YRBS data.

Sample Statistics Introduction (.pdf)Sample Statistics Table (.pdf)

Explains how potential sampling error is evaluated for each question provides the design effect for each question in the survey.


To download the files, right-click (or option-click if you are using a MAC) on the document name and save the file to your computer.